October 13, 2015
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    About Us



    To realize the economic, social and environmental potential of bamboo and fiber utilizing present and future resources to sustainable contribute to improving ecological security and livelihood development needs of the state.




    The vision document is expected to give a direction to the efforts that are to be invested to make the sector grow and will help a framework reflected in the action plan for the state. The growth will primarily be driven by the ecological needs of the state, market driven demand for products and community based utilization, development and conservation efforts addressing resource needs.

    This vision needs to be implemented on a sustainable economic development basis so that market and ownership systems not only halt the process of further degradation of bamboo and fiber resources, but lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of bamboo and fiber resources, to meet environmental and economic goals outlined.


    The main goals of the policy which stem from the above are:


    ·     Growth and management of natural resources of bamboo and fiber in a sustainable manner.

    ·     Development and implementation of a sustainable community based plantation and production model with concomitant benefits for forest conservation.

    ·     Development and implementation of an economic development program using bamboo and fiber for spurring industrial development.

    ·     Enhancing employment and income generating opportunities for the rural poor using bamboo and fiber as the prime resource.


    The basic targeted objectives that would govern the growth of the bamboo sector are the following.


    ·     Scientific assessment of the established and to be established plantation inventory, by species, to assess effort involved and resources needed.

    ·     Establishing ecological needs and conserving the bio-diversity of resource base.

    ·     Enhancing the productivity and production base of the resource to meet the expected increase in demand of the future years.

    ·     Developing value addition in handicrafts through improved processing, product diversification and design development, to produce quality products for increased trade in the domestic and exports.

    ·     Establishing bamboo industrial products as an economic and successful new industrial sub-sector. These include developing tiny, small scale and medium-scale enterprises based on bamboo such as boards, laminates, ply, flooring and bamboo shoot processing, among others, as identified by a detailed market potential study to be carried out. Smaller stick based industries for production of skewers, agarbatti, matchsticks, and utility handicrafts such as baskets or whole bamboo furniture may also be promoted at the community level.

    ·     Popularizing bamboo, as a cost effective and earthquake resistant building material for housing and construction needs of the state, which lies in a high seismic zone.

    ·     Strengthening the organization Uttaranchal Bamboo and Fiber Development board (UBFDB), established with a focused view to grow the bamboo and fiber sectors, with capacity building measures.

    ·     Enabling training, tools and other productivity enhancers, consolidation, distribution and marketing channels.

    ·     Development of market mechanisms with appropriate promotion and marketing efforts.

    ·     Organizing funding, budgeting and committing financial resources as may be necessary to achieve the outlined objectives.

    ·     Setting up of monitoring facilities and systems for fine-tuning the devised plans to improve delivery effectiveness.


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