October 4, 2015
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    Natural Fibers Products

    Products of natural fibers are made from plant, animal and mineral sources.

    Plant fibers

    Plant fibers are generally comprised mainly of cellulose: examples include cotton, jute, flax, ramie, sisal, and hemp. Cellulose fibers serve in the manufacture of paper and cloth. This fiber can be further categorized into the following:




    Seed fiber:

    Fibers collected from seeds or seed cases. e.g. cotton and kapok

    Leaf fiber:

    Fibers collected from leaves. e.g. fique, siasal, banana and agave.

    Bast fiber :

    Fibers are collected from the skin or bast surrounding the    stemof their respective plant. These fibers have higher tensile strength than other fibers. Therefore, these fibers are used for durable yarn, fabric, packaging, and paper. Some examples are flax, jute, kenaf, industrial hemp, ramie, rattan, and vine fibers.

    skin fiber :

    Fruit fiber  :

    Fibers are collected from the fruit of the plant, e.g. coconut (coir) fiber.

    Stalk fiber:

    Fibers are actually the stalks of the plant. E.g. straws of wheat, rice, barley, and other crops including bamboo and grass. Tree wood is also such a fiber.

    The most used plant fibers are cotton, flax and hemp, although sisal, jute, kenaf, bamboo and coconut are also widely used.
    Hemp fibers are mainly used for ropes and aerofoils because of their high suppleness and resistance within an aggressive environment. Hemp fibers are, for example, currently used as a seal within the heating and sanitary industries.



    Animal fibers

    Animal fibers generally comprise proteins such as collagen and keratin; examples include silk, sinew, wool, catgut, angora, mohair and alpaca.

    · Animal hair (wool or hairs):  Fiber or wool taken from animals or hairy mammals. e.g. sheep's wool, goat hair (cashmere, mohair), alpaca hair, horse hair, etc.

    · Silk fiber: Fiber collected from dried saliva of bugs or insects during the preparation of cocoons.

    Avian fiber: Fibers from birds, e.g.  feathers
    and feathers fiber.

    Natural fiber products are also manufactured from fibers of animal coats, silkworm cocoons, and plants' seeds, leaves, and stems. Wool fiber comes from a variety of animal coats, not all wools are scratchy but rather extremely soft. The wool fibers have crimps or curls that create pockets and gives the wool a spongy feel and creates insulation for the wearer. The natural fiber is made from the cotton plant's seed pod. It is often blended with other fibers such as polyester, linen, and wool, to blend the best properties of each fiber. Yarns obtained from lambs often used as knitting objects, scarf, coats etc.

    Linen fabric is elegant, beautiful, durable, the refined luxury fabric obtained from a plant. Linen fabrics for garments are manufactured in original designs and fashionable colors according to the newest technology of softening and dyeing. These natural products can be used as interior decorated fabrics such as bed linen, kitchen and table linen, curtains, aprons and bags.


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