October 5, 2015
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    Programs Natural Fiber Development

    Role of Uttaranchal Bamboo and Fiber Development Board (UBFDB) in leading initiatives for Research and Design Interventions in Natural Fiber resources in UA.

    Since 2004, UBFDB has undertaken feasibility assessment, material research and potential for design diversification in selected Natural Fibers to sensitize the community with strategies for design development and product diversification. There are a number of R&D and pilot assignments conducted by UBFDB in Natural fibers collaborating with different Institutions like Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi, NCJD, National Centre for Jute Diversification, Kolkata, NIRJAFT, National Institute for Research on Jute and Allied Fibers, Kolkata, CRIJAF Kolkata and CCRI, Central Coir Research Institute, Kerala. These research studies focus on Fiber extraction processes and Tool development with a goal to developing industrial applications of the Natural fibers in the state. Efforts are on to find appropriate methods of fiber extraction.

    Study on " Material test for physical and chemical aspects of sisal (Agave sisalana) fiber and comparative benchmarking against Bhimal (Grevia optiva), Wool and Jute fibers" conducted at IIT Delhi reveal that Sisal and Bhimal fiber could be an excellent and often stronger substitute for Jute, and both the fibres are most suitable for textile application such as carpets, bags and mats etc.

    Recently two studies have been conducted by UBFDB at Central Coir Research Institute, CCRI and National Centre for Jute Diversification NCJD Kolkata for the "Feasibility analysis of utilizing the existing coir /jute extraction technology in similar applications in Bhimal and Agave", (2 fibers found in abundance in Uttaranchal). The results have been encouraging and further R & D for suitable modifications if any in the existing machinery for adaptations in Uttaranchal specific fibers is the next step. The studies have recommended that there is a potential of technology transfer for further developments in Sisal fiber. Machineries and tools used for Coir /Jute fibers can be practiced with basic modifications.

    Recently through DC (Handicrafts) sponsored Integrated Design Diversification and Technical Development Projects, rural artisans and women groups in various clusters of Uttaranchal have been given training in diversified product development by UBFDB. Producer groups have been trained by designers from National Institute of Design, NID Ahmedabad to develop new product applications in areas such as home furnishings, screens, partitions, shawls, stoles, bags, shoes etc. Further handholding of the producer groups for Quality enhancement and enterprise development is being planned in the next phase..

    Such an integrated approach can provide ample value addition in diversified usage of natural fibre based products including improvement of their physical characteristics and making it more usable for other diversified products in various non-conventional areas of application and use.

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