October 10, 2015
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    Uttarakhand Bamboo and Fiber Development Board

    Uttarakhand Bamboo and Fiber Development Board, as the name reveals, was established with the objectives of creating livelihood opportunities with the help of bamboo and natural fiber species in the rural areas of Uttarakhand state.  Bamboo has age old relations with the Uttarakhand state.  Where the common Lathi bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) is prevalent in the lower reaches of the state, the ringal, the reed like small bamboo variety, is abundantly present in the higher mountain areas.  Ringal used to be widely utilized in manufacturing of hukkah before independence for which a large quantity of ringal used to be extracted from the forests.

    Himalayan Nettle Products

    Eco-textile made of Himalayan Nettle (Girardinia Diversifolia) from Uttarakhand Himalayas

    About Nettle:

    Himalayan nettle is a perennial plant found growing in temperate and sub-tropical Himalayas, between 1200 to 2900 meters above sea level. It is largely found growing wild in the broad leaf forests with high leaf litter and moisture as well as in the outskirts of villages of Uttarakhand. Clothing made from nettle is not a new idea, since the past thousands year people have worn fabrics made from the Himalayan nettle. But nettle lost their popularity when synthetic and other fibers arrived in the market. Considering the potential of this fiber, Uttarakhand Bamboo & Fiber Development Board is promoting eco-friendly natural fiber as livelihood option to the hill people specially Bhotia community of Uttarakhand who are crafting variety of products in nettle fiber.

    Special inherent characteristics of nettle fiber make it very different from other fibers and have unique prosperities like:

    • Hollow core useful in creating fabrics with thermal properties, both warm and cool
    • Reputedly antimicrobial, antibacterial and fire retardant
    • Great resistance to wrinkling

    Product Specification:-

    Product Name

    Himalayan Nettle Stole


    2 mts (Length) 29 inch (width)


    250 gm.

    Nettle Fiber Weight

    100 gms

    Cotton Fiber Weight

    150 gms





    % of Fiber

    Cotton 60%, Nettle 40 %

    Colour available

    White (Natural Colour without dye)


    INR 1200

    Promotional Price:

    INR 900 (after 25% discount)


    Uttarakhand Bamboo & Fiber Development Board is involved in action research and empowerment through capacity building of the marginalized communities with an aim to promote livelihood of traditional artisans, specially women. These nettle fiber based products are produced by the Nandakini Resha Cooperative at Magroli near Nandprayag in Chamoli District. The products are available for online sale at www.angwal.in . Angwal keeps a commission of 25% inclusive of the online promotion, packaging, handling and payment gateway charges and rest of the amount goes directly to the producers.


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